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Personal Vaporizers

We have the best selection and best prices along with excellent service to provide you with a great vaping experience!

Here are some of the models we offer:
Innokin Cool Fire 1, Innokin Cool Fire 2
VapeOnly vMecha, VapeOnly vPower
GP EVOD Mini Twist
Kanger EVOD
Vamo Vari-Volt/Vari-Watt Mod
Joye eVic, Joye eRoll
GP eCo Line
And many more!

Check out all of the vaporizer kits we offer by clicking here!

Innokin Cool Fire 2

We have a great selection of e-liquid!  Be sure to check out our USA Made, Ultimate Vapor e-liquid!  For the DIY'ers out there, we have a wide variety of Do It Yourself e-liquid materials for you to choose from!

GP UV e-liquid (Ultimate Vapor, USA Made)
Hangsen e-liquid
DeKang PG/VG e-liquid
JoyeTech e-liquid

DIY e-liquid materials, TPA Flavoring

We carry a variety of flavors and nicotine strength in all of our e-liquids!

GP Ultimate Vapor, USA Made

Atomizers and Cartomizers
GP offers atomizers and cartomizers for just about everything you could need!  Whether you are looking for Low Resistance, XL or even Humongomizers GP has it!

Atomizers, Joye eGo LR 510 Atomizers
Rebuidable Atomizers
Cartomizers, Kanger 510 & 808 Cartos
CE2/CE4 Clearomizers

These are just a few of the many atomizers and cartomizers to choose from!

DID - RBA Tank Atomizer System

Accessories and Spare Parts
We also have a great selection of accessories!  We also have a wide varieties of gear for you modders out there

GP Tanks, Innokin iClear 30 (DBCC)
Adapters, Connectors and Drip Tips
Modding Gear, Mod Batteries and Chargers

eGo Carrying Case, Lanyard
Ez Refill Tool

We have these items and a many more!  Check out the accessories page for some of the great accessories GP has to offer and the spare parts page for those extra items you are looking for!

VapeOnly VTank

What is a Personal Vaporizer?

A personal vaporizer is an electronic device that vaporizes a liquid to create an experience much like smoking a tobacco cigarette. There are three basic components that make up a personal vaporizer: the battery, the atomizer, and the cartridge containing liquid. The battery is a lithium ion rechargeable battery which can be recharged and reused up to 300 times. The atomizer is a unit that heats up the liquid to create the vapor. The cartridge contains liquid in which, when heated by the atomizer produces the vapor. The vapor is inhaled like a ordinary tobacco cigarette without over 3800 chemicals.  Also called ecigs, electric cigarette, electronic cigarette, PV, nicotine inhaler.

What is in the cartridges and this Vapor you inhale?

The main components in the liquid that electronic vaporizers are: water, Propylene Glycol (PG) and/or Vegetable Glycerin (VG), flavoring and some contain Nicotine.  Propylene Glycol is a common ingredient used in flavorings, medicines, etc. and is deemed generally safe by the FDA.

Can Personal Vaporizers Help Me Quit Smoking Traditional Cigarettes?

Our personal vaporizers are simply a smoking alternative.  There is no proof that you can actually quit smoking ordinary cigarettes.  Some people have quit, while others simply enjoy the benefits.



Do not leave batteries charging while unattended. Do not charge longer than 8 hours the first three cycles, then over four hours thereafter. 

Do not place battery in fire, as it may explode.

Keep all cartridges, eliquid, atomizers, parts and vaporizers out of reach from children and pets!

Nicotine, if present in filter and cartridges, is harmful and toxic. Please be responsible and do not drink or have contact with the liquid.


30 day FREE replacement on battery and atomizer with exchange.
Kit batteries and atomizers include 30 day free replacement with exchange.

Customer must exchange non working unit to receive new working part.
Shipping defective part back to us is at customers expense.

Cartridges and liquid are non returnable. All sales, non refundable.


Thank you for purchasing your personal vaporizer, we hope you enjoy. 

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